Sonotec SONAPHONE Pocket

Model: SONAPHONE Pocket

Compact Ultrasonic Testing Device for Preventive Maintenance

Product Information


Numerous preventive maintenance tasks can be handled quickly and efficiently with the SONAPHONE Pocket. Lower your energy costs and increase your operational safety with the most compact testing device of the SONAPHONE series. The ultrasonic testing device is used for

•    leak detection with compressed air, gas and vacuum systems,
•    wear control on rotating machines,
•    providing evidence of partial electrical discharges where there is insulation damage,
•    functional testing of steam traps and valves and
•    tightness testing of unpressurised systems.

With the SONAPHONE Pocket you identify problems even before they arise and create value at all levels of your company. Just by detecting and eliminating leaks you can reduce the energy costs for your compressed air system up to 30 percent. This also has positive effects on your operational safety and system productivity through early warning of bearing failure and evidence of partial electrical discharges.

The compact testing device is designed to fit in any pocket. However, its robust construction means it is also appropriate for harsh industrial environments.

The SONAPHONE Pocket is supplemented by extensive accessories in the form of airborne and structure-borne sound probes. You will receive the appropriate probe for your application from our product range, which you can attach to the device with just one simple movement.

You do not need much time or expensive training in order to perform the test procedure. The testing device makes the ultrasonic signals audible and shows them on a digital display at the same time. The SONAPHONE Pocket – easy to handle and very effective.