Multi M2002 2CT Method Mini Clamp Tester

Brand: Multi
Model: m2002

40mmφCT/5mmφCT, ACA

Product Information



New measuring method for AC leakage current
This is new measuring method for AC leakage current for single phase power system.
It is useful when working at the field where it is difficult to clamp the whole phase conductors(L&N).


Compact size and light weight for convenient field use.
True rms reading with wide range from 1mA to 200A.
Extensional measurements by combination with optional auxiliary CT.

Measuring Example
There are many single phase panel (breaker) boards which is composed of the single pole breakers. In such panel board,L phase conductor is separated from N phase conductor and it is difficult to clamp whole phase conductors(L&N) by CT.
New 2CT method enabled the measurements of leakage current for such panel board as showed below.